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Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat, as its name implies, is a "lite" version of baccarat; a miniature version of standard baccarat.

Mini baccarat is played using the same rules of standard baccarat, with the main exception being that players do not take turns being the banker. The mini baccarat table is about the same size as a standard blackjack gaming table, and is typically staffed by only one dealer (who is responsible for handling the cards). The layout conforms to that of the regular baccarat table, and each of the seven seating positions correspond to a number and betting box with spots for banker, player, and tie. The limits in mini baccarat are typically lower than for standard baccarat, and usually range from a $2 to $5 minimum, up to a $500 maximum. Mini baccarat definitely lacks the formality and large group of players that's often associated with standard baccarat.

Except for in the online casino world, mini baccarat is "taking over". In most land-based casinos you will find mini-baccarat, not regular baccarat, being the standard baccarat game option available to patrons. In the online casino world however, standard baccarat is still very popular, and you can find it available via popular online casinos such as Golden Palace and Golden Casino.

Major advantage of mini baccarat:

  • Players do not have to wager huge amounts of money in order to play.
Always remember - mini baccarat / baccarat is a favorite among players because it is simple to play, and has the best odds overall of any casino game.

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