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Baccarat Tips

Tips and tricks are essential to being successful in any game you play. Although you will not find any tricks really on this site, you will find some tips that will increase your odds of winning.

Baccarat tips are few and far between when scouring the internet as I too at one time was in your exact seat looking for ways to up my advantage on baccarat. The baccarat tips that you will be given here at this site are no different from the ones you might find on other sites, but with these tips you can apply them to your game and have a larger advantage than the casino would like to see you have.

My first baccarat tip is for the more conservative player and not the high risk gambler. So if you are one of these high risk gamblers, you can ignore this first tip. Now, if you have read the rules page, then you will know about betting on a tie. Although the payout may be appealing, I recommend that you stay away from this bet as the odds are very slim and you are better off betting for or against the player or banker.

Are you ready for a second tip? My second baccarat tip is to keep track of your winning hands when you bet on the banker. As mentioned in the rules of baccarat the house takes a 5% commission on winning hand on the banker. You will want to keep track of this as you do not pay this until the end of your play and you decide to walk. The reason I warn you with this tip is that it would be awful to get up from the table without any money and still owe the house money.

Another tip that I have for you is NOT to try and ride streaks. I read all over the net about people riding streaks or other sites telling people to try riding streaks. Although you may be inclined to bet on a streak, I recommend you don't get in the habit of that. To be honest it doesn't much matter what hand you bet on as there is no advantage to either hand winning other than the slight house edge.

My fourth baccarat tip is right in line with the last. If you must bet on a hand, I would recommend that you bet in the favor of the house. We all know the casino is out there to make money and that they are doing. So why not bet in the favor they are banking on? I figure that is a good way to have my own little edge.

All of these tips are leading to me to strategies that you can employ while playing this great game. So if you are interested in moving from baccarat tips to baccarat strategies, follow me!

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